AviantsVoice is the consumer research arm of Aviants Insight & Strategy

Simply put: At Aviants Insight & Strategy, we help our clients grow the demand for their products and services.  So we are passionate about gathering the voice of real consumers -- because that is best path to a successful brand, product and business.

We weren't happy with quality of the big marketing research companies  -- so we started doing our own.

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Fun and rewarding

Our aim is to make AviantsVoice the fun, no hassle and spam-free way to make your voice heard to the businesses you use at home and work.

AviantsVoice panelists are invited to participate in online surveys, one-one-one interviews by phone (15 minutes to 1 hour), focus groups, on-line communities or even home based interviews or shop-alongs.

Surveys tend to have lower dollar compensation, but they are quick and easy to do.  Participating in focus groups, on-line communities, shop-alongs or other time intensive commitments generally pay rewards from $25 to $150.

  • We will never sell your name, contact info or profile to anyone else for any reason.   Panelists are invited to participate in other research companies surveys through our CINT network, however, your contact information is never given to these partner companies.
  • We abide by all privacy laws, and to the higher standards  put forth by the Insights Association, the leading market research trade organization, for which Aviants is a Company member.
  • We will never send you SPAM, and if you ask to come off the panel, you will.
  • We will always give you our best estimate of how long it takes to participate in all surveys
  • We welcome your feedback on any and all communication we send you, surveys, the process for joining a panel or doing an interview

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